We are really excited to be able to offer a 1:1 shoe fit, while our store on Wood Street is closed.

If you would rather do this over email or phone, rather than video, then please get in touch via the contact form.

How it works ...

*  Book your appointment through our booking system here - Book your FaceTime-Fit

*  You will need either an iPhone, an iPad or WhatsApp.

*  We will call you at the start of your appointment time.

*  You will need a tape measure and something with a straight edge i.e. a large book.

*  Barefoot or socks is fine and we will need to see the lower leg to the knee. Leggings,           shorts or running tights are ideal, but not necessary.

Once your appointment is complete Liam will be able to process your sale and take payment.

Your shoes will be posted to you via our courier service.